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A Hundred Thousand Men
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A Hundred Thousand Men

(This work is dedicated to our troops in harms way. May our Lord give you virtue and strength to carry on and those that fall be not forgotten.)

A Hundred Thousand Men

I have been the courage
Of a hundred thousand men
And I have been their right and truth
Since time itself began

When the clouds are rolled back
And the sun it shines the way
Where men have fought and died
Those that lived that tell the day

I am the first breath
Of his newborn son
I am his last sigh
When his breath on earth is done

I have climbed the mountains
And I have sailed the sea's
I have fought the battles
And I cried miserably

When the smoke was cleared
And of all that stood with me
When they stood, they stood proud
And too they so stood free

From the early morning
Of the newborn dawn
A hundred thousand men they come
They bring their courage on

So are the brave
And of all that they so gave
To do what they have to do
So you can stand and say

A hundred thousand heartbeats
A hundred thousand strong
May a hundred thousand souls
Forever they live on

For without what they gave
I could never be
For you see, I am your freedom
Free at last, you are Free.

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Comments (2)

Regardless of whether we think the war was a mistake or the commander in chief misguided, we do need to show support for our troops, and you've done that well.
As oe of those, with dozens who work under me, I am honored by your tribute. I am humbled. Thank you, Mr. Simmons