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A Hungry Belly Game

This writing verse is a 'hungry belly game'
And there must be an easier road to fame
For of the many who write verse only the few
Can ever hope to see their dream come true.

Of a literary fortune out of the verses that they write
The hill to fame it is a daunting height
And the climb to literary fame is the hardest climb of all
As the many who have tried years later on recall.

Of how of fame and fortune they felt self assured
But after the many disappointments they endured
They finally gave verse writing away
It is a 'hungry belly game' you hear them say.

A hungry belly game and nothing more
I've been scribbling verse since seventy three or seventy four
And I day dreamt of my literary renown
In those old windswept fields by Millstreet Town.

In Spring the robin carolled on the hawthorn tree
His breast puffed up proclaiming his territory
And of my literary career I fantasized
But imagine my disappointment when I realized

That daydreams seldom if ever come true
And that a literary career is not one to pursue
For like many more who dreamt of literary fame
I've found writing verse a hungry belly game.

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