A Hymn To My Mak'R

The Sun extols Thee by her rays;

the Moon, the skies and the cloud wave their hands to Thee

by their splendid bows at dawn, at night and in the day:

all heav’nly bodies are at Thy feet,

dancing round Thy Majestic Throne night and day.

We, beings, eulogize Thee each time,

for having creat’d us and the sea tide;

my me in me praises and dances to Thy greatness,

for having made me in your image and likeness.

I, the great minstrel, praise thee now

for making me a first-class

when all have made me second-class!

To Thee do I bow and lift my hand,

having train’d me for battle against my foes!

by Eche Ononukwe

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