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A Hymn To The Hierophant’s Guild; Typhon’s Own
ST (Aug.11,1973 / Manitoulin Island, Ontario)

A Hymn To The Hierophant’s Guild; Typhon’s Own

Upon the dolmen, in these ancient Nabataean lands
I sit; In a self-contrived penance
For magick of modernity didst so betray Her
Tis I, Thoth, fettered in these bournes so contemporary (Hermetic child of Metis)
Tis I, who wast so baptized in Mercurial flames
Tis I, the last to remember Her duty
An’ Her lunar countenance

Alack! Alack! For Dark Magick of the left hand path hath been condemned
By folly orders of neo-Coptics (garbed in baby-blue robes of ignominy)
An’ pseudo-Hermetic zealots (acolytes to the malevolent solar-god)
For, verily, the real and true Hermes canst be remembered not
The folly orders and guilds forget him, and nothing care
Deem they this; that the Dark Left is iniquitous witchcraft? ..............fools!

Yet, anon, tis I who so recalls the truth of the matter
Whilst in flight with Bat Goddess – Lilith (Her sharpened blued eyes betake my soul)
An’ Her vampyric priestesshood of succubi – The Lilim
An’ Her vampyric incubi priests- the true Edomite sons of Adam
Dark angels soar amidst the silver glower of Night
Willows weep in salicin lament; swarthy tears of baneful beauty
I bask in the melancholic silence at Her necropolis
Her duty so well done; Ah! beauteous death!

As rising sun peeks o’er the glen (Bast roars in anguish, yet Sekhmet harbours little concern)
We receive those reproachful glares (an’ so the cowards ascend)
We are soon accosted mendacious minions of Horus; garbed in baby blue
They cast stares of malediction ‘pon us
With bludgeons brandished; an’ consciousness forgone of amity
They soon put chase to us, caring nothing for our loveliness
An’ our darkened sweet bloodied souls

This question I now ask of the Horus Clan;

“Who is the iniquitous here my brothers?
Who is that passes judgment with such hate-fraught jeers?
Tis not we, The Children of Darkness, marry no……..
Only cuckolds of a fettered Queen wouldst think it so! ”

They hearken me not (deafened by the solar winds)
So in the stead of love, they sling stones and spears ……..and malignant expletives
To the caves we fled (to ‘r mother’s womb)
Ere the passing of such judgment meets us with our own demise
We nothing care
For we are The Immortals

“Oh! Isis! Awaken! ............Thine own Sister Lilith calls to thee”, I beg
“Awaken Great Mother!
Hast thou truly lost all sensation in thy left hand?
Thy hand of Left which hast so been tethered to thy heal of Right for far, far too long! ”

By the dint of degradation, Goddess Isis walks in circles blindly
Yes, walks round in circles, devoid and lost to Her true Self
Chained to the tower that the war gods gaol’d Her in
Fore’er She spins the deosil spinning
Bound to Her Chair of Lost Memory
Spinning, spinning, spinning sun-wise
Til dizzy tingles and nausea beset Her very heart
Til mendacity becomes veracity, and contrariwise (please remember m’Lady)
Til Dark becomes evil
Til spiteful white lights become benevolent (Nephythys weeps in horror)
Til lies become truth, an’ truth become lies
Til the cage gives way to acceptance
Oh! Please remember!
Emancipate Dark Isis, Sweet Nephythys the fair
Re-set the wheel counter-wise m’Lady
To all precessions moving moon-wise
To the Widdershins of Truth
Remove the fetters from thy right heel and thy left hand
Move left! Move left m’Lady
For we, The Children of Lilith, are surely devic
An’ Set loves thee still, though thou hast rebuked him…….
…………….as Typhon’s Queen

Steve Trimmer

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