Hey Beautiful

stay as is
you are beautiful
don't stretch
your neck like
a giraffe
for you are you
and you are
as ever

hey, beautiful
baby, you are
come sit beside me
do not be
an alligator
be the bird on my shoulder
be the sunshine on my hair.


Comments (7)

Poem built on aesthetic beauty. Good style and good delivery. Sylva.
Very good lyric for a song
Invoking the divine through these lines of a lovely poem. Great sharing sir.
The poem reflects many faces of longing and love for the beloved. A divine invocation. Thanks. Though now he shuns thy longing arms, He soon shall court thy slighted charms; In pity come, and ease my grief, Bring my distempered soul relief,
i had no idea that poetry rhymed back in Sappho's day so this poem answers a timeless question; which came first prose or rhyme? at any rate beautiful poem still timeless and timely after all these centuries...
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