(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Hypocrite That Contradicts


'What about them? '

Wouldn't it be better,
To oppose them with hypocrisies?
And stand firm with those hypocrites,
Choosing to be indecisive whenever they wish...
To undo concrete beliefs,
They claim with prayer to remain faithfully.

That depends.'

On what?

'Sometimes contradictions stated to be made,
Often go unnoticed to comprehend them as such.
While those who have been notorious hypocrites,
Are better dressed to impress.
And for whatever the reason...
Their accepted hypocrisies are achieved and praised.'

Even though they may contradict themselves?

'Be honest with yourself.
If I had possessions and dressed to impress,
You would care less if I was a hypocrite.
But on the otherhand,
You would wait for me to contradict myself...
If I wasn't wearing expensive shoes.
Or driving around town in a Mercedes Benz.'

You are right about that.
You haven't earned to deserve my giving you attention.

'And that's why those who are hypocrites,
Could care less if they contradict themselves.
Because they know you're not listening to think anyway.'

Your comments offend me.

'And I'm not a hypocrite that contradicts.
Nor do I make attempts to dress to impress.
But somehow,
You are giving me your attention.
And you would be the first to say to me,
How God works in mysterious ways.'

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