A Jack Russell's Trip To The Beach

Poem By Micron

My owners they took me to the beach
They parked facing the sea it was in reach
But I was ready to make my escape
As the whole journey a plan I did make

My owners they opened the car door
And I lept and shot out quickly before
They could do anything to stop me
I was cleverer than they thought they see

My owners they stood there staring in disbelief
They hadn't time to even clip on my leash
I charged happily up and down the sand
Lucky for them it was a beach with dogs not banned

My owners they decided to ignore me
It was easier to leave me play by the sea
I barked at the waves telling them not to taunt
They kept coming then going they me did haunt

My owners they just watched from afar
I knew however I was still under their radar
Sea gulls they rose to the skies when I approached
Waving their wings screeching at me they reproached

My owners they started call me back
I noticed a picnic they'd started to unpack
I headed their way hoping for food
That exercise had got me in that hungry mood

My owners heads turned as I just shot past
They tried to catch me but I was too fast
For I had seen something better you see
It was over the road and meant just for me

My owners now they shot up shouting running after me
But I was too fast and enjoying things you see
For in the garden just over the road
Lots of holes rabbits had burrowed

My owners now however much they did shout
My temporary deafness had just broken out
I shot in and out of the holes oh what fun
As from different holes appeared my head and my bum

My owners were now getting cross
Why I don't understand I'm still at a loss
But eventually as I shot out a hole
Strong hands caught me my fun they had stole

My owners put me on my long lead
And muttered because I was very dirtied
But I will always remember my day of great fun
My time at the seaside and what I had done.

Comments about A Jack Russell's Trip To The Beach

I love it! ! ! I own a jack russell terrior they can be so much fun but when there on a mission there on a mission. Cute poem! ! ! Hugz~~ CC
Funny story I loved it made me laugh, great description.
I can surely sympathize with the 'owners.' We have a Boston Terrier that wants to run off whenever he gets loose. Trouble is he gets lost and can't find his way back. Consequently, when we put him outside, we have to put him on a chain. Nice write, Micron. Best wishes Richard
This is great I feel like I was there watching the dog run and owners chase lol...excellent write...thank you...Fi

4,8 out of 5
5 total ratings

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