Love Is

Some people forget that love is
tucking you in and kissing you
'Good night'
no matter how young or old you are
Some people don't remember that
love is
listening and laughing and asking
no matter what your age
Few recognize that love is
commitment, responsibility
no fun at all

Love is
You and me

by Nikki Giovanni

Comments (7)

:) It is strange how sometimes this happens to people speaking the same language... :) Nice written.
not that I have any porblem with it, though :) hope that isn't misunderstood.
I must admit that Japanese people ARE the most annoyingly polite folk.I have a friend who listens so courteously to everything I say that i wish he'd tell me to shut up and go away instead. another friend of mine is in the process of learning kanjis-they have 8000 characters.what a crazy language.
Very funny...and very well written. I'm assuming that it is true. Raynette
Well in two months, japanese people could ask me about translations (i'm learning the language which isn't as tough as you may think) ... I may give them some bad translations, but at least they'd be better than Nakumawa (ot whatever his name is) . Nice poem (y) Made me laugh a bit.
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