AR (12/3/1947 / Central Illinois)

A Jew Talks To God In The Twenty First Century

I’ll be honest, God.
This world is embarassing.
Is this the realm where You rested
on the seventh day and said,
“It is good.”?
Certainly you should be proud of Yourself,
you made a beautiful world.
On the other hand,
why does Your so-called crowning creation,
mankind, have to be gassing, maiming,
exploding, poisoning, plotting, eradicating,
expunging, polluting, raping and pillaging?
Why, god, why?
Don’t give me any of that Cain and Abel crap.
I’m a Jew, but the bible sucks,
it explains nothing.
This is the twenty first century.
I want to duck down some rabbit hole
for the next few decades,
find someplace to hide.
Otherwise, I’m going to have to witness
what is to come, and I don’t like it.
How about this, God?
Let’s change the bible to make an eighth day of creation.
On the seventh You rested and said, “It is good.”
On the eighth, You took another look and said,
“Uh oh, I think this still needs a little work.”

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com-on Art, all ya have to do is keep reading a few pages and see what happened(Gen 6) . Other beings enter the picture and we're still stuck in the middle of a cosmic war that's nearly over and with a wonderful outcome for those who get that the Bible itself is about all this. Matt 13: 14 The Bible actually is a 'new creation' after the 7th day. It is given us to understand why things just couldn't be fixed, but were in motion, organically, and could only be remidied just yet by the One who understands. It's not His error, but our lack of understanding. We can learn it, assuredly (and get the peace sought) . In other words, anyone might let a child undergo a painful operation in order to assure a better life when it's over, and all things do change. Paradise is still promised. Everyone wants it now and on their terms, huh? The rebellion started in the heavens and Adam & Eve were caught up in it. We don't have to die too. There is death and also a deeper death. or do you only write about what you see on the surface? Please look deeper, I know you can. Rev 21: 4,5 Isa 54: 7 There are things bigger than our prose or how is it you are and get to comment?
Amen! That tells it like it is!