To A.C. On The Occasion Of Her Honor From Malta House

Congratulations, sweetheart, on this wonderful award. You do so much for so many! I am honored and proud to be your husband! Keep living the Gospel! Your example does wonders for me!

To A.C. on the occasion of her Honor from Malta House

For every grace God saw you use
He gave you many more
You bring His peace to those in need
Your love strikes at the core

This mild spring breeze has no clue
Of the bare oak branches torn apart
Yet your dreams to serve the Malta House Moms
Enliven and ennoble your compassionate heart

Much love,

by Michael J ORourke2

Comments (2)

This is probably the poem which encourages the deepest thoughts and emotions that I have read to date.. Beautifully visual... Karen
I wish I could read, hear the sound of the original poem but am thankful for the translation. Amichai once again has something to say and, oh, how well he expresses it.