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A Jimmy Carter Fan

David hails from Newark in New Jersey and from his Hometown he lives far away
And what keeps him here is his Aussie wife and their two young children she never would live in the U.S.A.
Through the internet he keeps up to date with news from the Homeland politics, sports, grid iron and baseball
And to the stars and stripes he is still faithful that flag he says is the greatest flag of all.

David is passionate about politics and with his Homeland's Government policies he keeps up to date
But with the Pentagon he is not very happy he says the U.S. Government for World unrest in part to blame
His hero always will be Jimmy Carter when he was President America knew peace and prosperity
The U.S. voters did not treat him very kindly but he'll be treated well by history.

Yes Jimmy Carter is still David's hero he was not a hawkish President in any way
If the U.S. now had one like him as President they would know peace and prosperity today
Aggressive talk and actions give rise to aggression and Jimmy Carter did not speak aggressively
Those who promote peace their names will live forever whilst
the hawkish types will be lost to posterity.

David from Newark a fan of Jimmy Carter's to him the greatest President of them all
He may have been rejected by the voters but he is one that historians will recall
As one who did not talk of war and bloodshed and he left high office with his head held high
And David says in the four years of Jimmy Carter the U.S. peace and prosperity did enjoy.

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A beautiful tribute to a good man. Well done. 10+