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A Jolt
VS Vera Sidhwa ( / )

A Jolt

A Jolt

I was born with a jolt.
A feeling that has been forgotten.
But life itself is a jolt of many,
Incidents going by, one by one.

A jolt, a jolt, too many jolts.
Life does not happen on my time.
And then it happens.
And so I couldn't control it.

I only know it.
I know my unsteadiness,
Doesn't help matters any.
I receive too many jolts.

I then discovered,
The steady white and small flame,
Burning steadily inside my center.
It never blew left or right.

I think of that steady flame,
Pointed straight and upward,
When I receive a jolt.
I live calmly.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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Wonderful. Centered mind sustains when jolted.