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A Journey

Life is nothing of any sort.
No word can describe its full worth.
You can't count with one, two, and three.
It is priceless, and never free.

One may say, it is a journey,
Full of joy, sorrow and glory,
To find that luminosity
To this unraveled mystery.

The one gift most treasured by all.
Only God can give its true whole.
No one can take it for granted,
But all can joyfully live it.

What lies in it we may not know.
But we're sure it'll set us aglow.

by Alaude Solus

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Comments (2)

Nice thought about the evolution of life. You had assessed well the journey in life, written well in rhyme scheme. Great Poem.
A very spiritual touching poem that really shows your great faith and poetic talent! 10+++ Thank you for sharing! Keep touching the World with more of your talented works! God Bless You, Alaude! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City! ...