A Journey

A shadow of a figure
Haunts the smoothness of the sands
A shiver of a sound haunts the silence
A pathway on the ground
Parts the never ending lands
The footprints of the figure mark defiance.

A stranger in the tangles
Of the desert of my soul
Intrudes upon its lonely solitude
It makes a tremor in my heart
Like a spark within a coal,
An emotion that it wishes to elude.

A river of confusion
Of questions incomplete
Stretches through the tangled jungle of lost thought
It’s rushing, rumbling rapids
Do not soothe the figure’s feet
But enslave him in a cage of iron wrought.

The cage though thick and strong
Can be slowly pushed away
The figure can once more roam desert sands,
Where he goes and what he’ll do
Is impossible to say
For our choices shape the future of our land.

by Elinor Auerbach

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Well written, our choices do shape the future of our land. Bob