( / Gandam, Dist-Deogarh, Odisha, INDIA)

A Journey By A Government Bus

Travelling by a government bus
From late evening to early morning,
Crossing the town of Rairakhol and
Crossing village Kiakata and also
Great River Mahanadi Bridge and Boudh town
Crossing village Charichhak and crossing
Many beautiful and green mountain passes
We have crossed more than
Half of the distance so far,
A journey by a bus of our
Odisha State Road Transport Corporation,
From Western Part to Southern Part,
From Sambalpur City to Brahmapur City,
We have cherished life of this journey
With gleam and love we thank government.

Travelling through Kandhamla District,
Passing through the town of Phulbani,
Showing us the scenic beauty of state
The bus has stopped for a while here,
Near village Kalinga beside the highway,
We have enjoyed this journey a lot
Seeing this far mountain of Green Age
And gossiping trees, we feel greenness,
We are glad hearing the song of wild flowers,
Beside this highway everyday they bloom,
Tender sunlight has illuminated the path,
Glitter of smile of tiny wiled flowers
And fragrance of wild shrubs have motivated,
A great journey by bus is imprinted!

Odisha State Road Transport Corporation,
This is abbreviated as OSRTC founded in 1974,
This corporation has owned our trust,
We common people love to travel by bus,
This Hi-Tech Bus is luxury and comfortable,
After a short stop, the driver is ready,
Kind conductor has called all the passengers,
Horn is blown to get into the bus,
Picking up us with due, respect, care and love
Our State Bus will travel again ahead,
Towards its destination to the City of Heart,
The city is also known as Silk City,
As we are common people of the state
We frequently travel by our OSRTC buses,
After few hours crossing hilly scenic valleys,
Passing through the town of Bhanjanagr,
The town named after the Great Odia Poet,
Who is Emperor of the Poets,
Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja, very well known,
A great prince from Bhanja dynasty from Kulada,
Which is very closer to Bhanjanagar Town,
Our State Bus will proceed ahead as a leader,
Soon this will reach to Asika Town and then
To town of Hinjilikatu, also known as Hinjilicut,
Passing through the village named Ankushpur
And village named Kukudakhandi,
Our State Bus will enter into the City of Heart.

After reaching there with our oldest son,
We shall visit Annapurna Market and
Markets named Bada Bazar and Sano Bazar,
To buy many silk clothes and pickle,
Then picking up and riding cheerfully,
A greenly-whitey urban transport city bus,
At the heart land of the city from Old Bus-Stand
We shall travel to visit sea beach to
Town of Gopalur on Sea, on sea of Bay Of Bengal,
We shall reach today there by bus journey.

© Kumarmani Mahakul,18 December 2018. All rights reserved.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

Comments (6)

Highly informative and descriptive...a bus ride is always enjoyable than a car ride...this poem reminds me of my own poem Madurai to Nellai by bus....very exciting write...100
Thank you for this journey poem, through beautiful natural landscapes that were so vividly depicted!
A bus ride is always a pleasure if we get a convenient side seat. It will give us an opportunity to watch the beautiful scenery! You have described this journey with such minute details that it gives us the experience of having traveled through the whole of Odisha leaving behind villages, market places, towns and the whole city. Top marks!
An exciting experience of a long journey bus.I love such a journey.
I just marvel at your poems.You give beautiful expression to any ordinary event.Have nice journey Sir, - - - through a state transport bus and through poetry as well.
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