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A Journey From The Past
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

A Journey From The Past

Loved ones come and go, dreams are born again.
In some way or another The Past seems to always rise again.

One moment you are happy the next you are drawn to tears,
Some days the sadness overwhelms us, and we stand down and drown down the years.

Most would wish that moments that bring us sadness should never come again,
I don't think they realize what we've been taught in the end.

A mother who's yelled at her child for some wrong he has done, feels bad that she has hurt him and knows that time will right her wrong.
But in that time of anger she reflects and she feels, and she knows that she has wronged him and hopes his wombs will heal.

All of us have a moment that we would not live again,
but in someway or another we've learned to survive and live again.

We make a journey everyday from the past to the present.
We build our life from memories that would not be if not for the past.

So, keep in my mind when you dwell on the past what you have left behind.
And remember to thank yourself as well as those whom you long ago left behind.

The journey is never over, we are always reliving the past.
Just be grateful for the moments you have and always treasure the past.

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