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A Journey In A Winter Morning

I made a journey in a winter morning,
It was nippy, foggy which gave warning.
The journey was in a car towards Konark,
In jacket and cap, thought myself as monarch

In the way I saw corn-field beside road,
Dewy paddy field in sunshine looked golden-board..
The wheat plants with green leaves appeared as sea,
The flowers of mustard plants looked like golden bee.

Somewhere people basked fire for the nippy,
Some had jacket in their bodies, some were in hippy.
Beside grain-yard there were some flower plants,
Different colour of flowers attracted and did glance.

We arrived at Konark and first saw a beautiful park,
In rose, marigold, jasmine and zinnia I did hark.
Bees were buzzing and were flying flower to flower,
It was the forenoon there was not at all shower.

I with driver enjoyed beauty and saw the Sun temple,
We astonished, immense stones were set on top ample.
We, for Sun, God and Nature, had a deep meditation,
The rays of sun vanished cold and painful situation.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

Comments (9)

A serene visual and spiritual journey through each line, vividly depicted with floral beauty of fields and meadows!
so beautiful poem. nostalgic I'm by reading it
Visit to Sun temple in winter is wonderfully narrated with pious inner feelings...
a beautiful descriptive travel poem...interesting- 1o
Looked like golden bee! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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