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A Journey To Bethlehem (A Re-Post)
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A Journey To Bethlehem (A Re-Post)

Poem By Valsa George

On a bleak and frosty night
Vexed and weary two travelers rode
Along the pathways-craggy and ragged
From Nazareth, trudging miles on end

Full pregnant, was she with child
Mary -the Virgin, suffused with the Spirit Holy
Divinely ordained to bear the Godly Prince
Conceived before she had known her spouse.

Abiding in Heaven's Providence n' care
They had rode past miles behind
Far too fatigued by the trip
Mary, now badly needed a place to rest.

Heading towards the blinking lights
Not far from the city's guarded gate
Joseph sighted a tavern-small
Perched high on a tiny hill

A sense of relief beamed past
They have come at last to the journey's end
Finally found a place to rest!
An interim home away from home

Tethering the donkey outside the gate
Joseph helped Mary alight the brute
In eager search, he hurried inside
With Mary, following with faltering steps.

But the couple, to their dismay found
Within the tavern, room, there was none
For many a man had gathered round
To halt there on that freezing night

Sundry folk from surrounding lands
Had reached Bethlehem for the yearly census
Tradesmen selling clothes and cheese
Nomads of varying clans and clime

Petulant camels, braying donkeys
The place was littered with man and beast.
The tavern small, so packed to full
Had no more space to harbor the crowd

Mary and Joseph, though dejected,
Were encamped within a manger- warm
With tender concern, Joseph joked,
To ease the strain on Mary's face

"Gaze upon this palace of gold
Where a son shall soon be born to us"!
Mary smiled a gentle smile,
Humored by her husband's jest

Under the gaze of tethered hosts
In veiled privacy of the midnight gloom
She gave birth to a radiant child,
The great Redeemer to all Mankind

The star studded sky suddenly glowed
With a rare brilliance never beheld
And a celestial voice trailed along
Delivering ‘tidings of joy' to the globe around!

Wish all my poet friends on poem hunter a Merry Christmas and the Peace and Happiness it offers.....! !

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Comments (12)

This is a Christmas classic. It goes to myfavourites, and shall be revisited annually. An amazing work, Valsa.
Well, I wish I had ready this lovely poem at Christmas time- -but then again I just took down my Christmas decorations last week- -so reading this just extended the best season of the year for me! Thank you for this masterful retelling of their [and our] journey to Bethlehem 10+++++++++++++++++++++++
Abiding in Heaven's Providence n' care Godly price is risen with love and care. A Journey To Bethlehem is a great journey of emotion, wisdom and power of feelings. This poem has made me very emotional. Mary's gentle smile we feel after reading this great work which is re-posted. Thank you very much for sharing this.10
(- - ) come come out o all to the the path of Peace to the path of Bethlehem where the divine Mother brought Godly grace with peaceful name//
Came came the great one once upon a time with the mercy, grace, kind, blessings of God Gave gave everything to save us to make us civilized but forgot we forgot everything we forgot our starting and obliterated the ending we spending time with no meaning oh the meaningless our journey today on the stage of blaming garden Pharisaical mode digging out the grave of pain (- - )