A Journey To Experience

Some may refuse those blessings they get.
With wishes they received them,
Wrapped in a more accepted package.

Everyone's life to live,
Is a journey to experience.
And some prefer to look outside,
Instead of inside before they begin.

Deciding which path to take,
Requires some acknowledgement...
Of obstacles and opposition one must face.
And few are born prepared to take such tests.

Everyone's life to live,
Is a journey to experience.
Many are taught to accept limitations,
Based upon physical appearances made.
To outside of them seek for themselves,
All their wishes and dreams to meet.

And then there are others unaccepting,
Restrictions that confine.
Restrictions they are told,
They can not leave behind.
OR be considered out of their minds.

Everyone's life to live,
Is a journey to experience.
And difficult it is to remain positive.
So many perceive with belief,
That a staying where they are...
Is best to keep themselves from grief.
With excuses heard they often make.
To say being 'down-to-Earth'...
Proves to others what they do is not faked.

'They believe themselves to be better than others.'

~Why would you say that? ~

'They haven't accepted who it is they are.'

~Because they live without making excuses?
Or blaming others like I have heard you do?
With a belief from a teaching...
Only 'certain' people have choices from which to choose?
And those who do this,
Are not 'down-to-Earth' like you.
With a finding 'something' to excuse your attitude? ~

'I'm just saying...
Some of us know are places.
And not ashamed to remain the same people,
We have always been since I can remember.'

~I understand.
Limited to restrictions and with kept pretense.
With a doing of it most effective.
Abundant are the accusations.
And you represent that mindset well.
All over the place it is detected.

Thank you!
For noticing.
I think.
Should it be that obvious? '

~Don't worry about it.
It is.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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