A Journey To Hallowed Grounds

I imagine the final breath to be the hardest,
The longest and the ruthless
With the mind tracking back on memories
The joys and te pains but none like this
For a moment or so time stands still
All stands still
Amid the usual routine of daily life
And abruptly time flies
But life remains still
Struck by the inexplicable ironic amalgamation
Of sorrow and bliss
And before it decides which one to buy
Life is but another memory
Taking a journey to hallowed grounds
If hallowed grounds it ia they all see

by Stella Sisanda Qishi

Comments (1)

I had always thought that I have sailed to every hallowed ground.And then I read your brilliant poem! And I see that I need to read more of your outstanding poems to complete the epic journey.And I'll be allowed to walk on your holy hallowed ground of beautiful poems.Yuh's amazing and gifted.Good luck in your writings