A Journey Well Chosen

Walk in haste and the fall is deep
Amble and the footstep's a light dent,
Trot with ease surely the burden will cease
A balance mind in certainty wills peace.

Multifaceted road in seasons outlayed
Which way to go, a choice awaits
As down the winding road appears
A future donned by ones' selected pace.

At journey's end a life well-lived's a prize
But one that's ill, its pain can cut so deep
A walk well-paced so then with sense apace
A dream well-meant, well-spent in happiness.

Mock not this thought for truth make sense
And let one's life well laid in proper ways
Alas! for me my lucky stars did fail,
But trot with ease HE certainly lay ahead.

A comfort then though pain still exist
A choice in thought not well foretold,
But a pace well-trod a gift from up above
In certainty a balanced peace of mind.

by Jona PoloRamirez

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