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A Journey

Perfection isn’t perfect
In a world where flaws are not allowed,
Love loses in a heart
When it chooses to follow the crowd
Patience withers into obscurity
When demands of a dream become a lost hope,
Lust pours into a bottomless soul
Emptiness remains unfulfilled as the only means to cope
Rain drops evaporate
Before kissing the lips of a hopeless romantic,
While a storm of tears hits
& leaves the rest jumping the cliff of abstinence, frantic
Disillusioned eyes stare
Into the gaze of an impassive affair,
Walking without holding hands
In circles they wander without going anywhere
Thoughts linger with guilt
& lead the unfaithful down a dangerous path,
One never feels pure again
As karma punishes with a ferocious wrath
The harmony of love
Is drowned by the cries of the broken,
Yet she continues to sing
Keeping the promise originally spoken
Her forgiveness is undying
An affection that will never forget the first,
Her caress remains the softest
Her taste satisfies and quenches any thirst
She reaches beyond the horizon
& reminds you she is waiting for your return,
She lets you endure the pain
To understand the lesson you must learn
Her whisper is your breath
Her melody is in the beat of your heart,
Her taste is on your tongue
Her sweetness is more succulent than any tart
Let her be the destiny
That comforts you as does a summer breeze,
Her voice shall by your symphony
The depth of her emotions is in the seven seas
She will demand of you nothing
& accept you as you are,
Her perfection is in not being perfect
Because she is love she is a journey…
and is always in your heart.

by Alex F Chavez

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