! ! ! ! ! ! ! A Joy Ride On Mobike...! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Arms around your waist,
And hairflying in the air,
That first joyride on mobike
On Delhi roads sealed our fate.

A lot can happen over coffee,
The best in town you will find,
As we walked hand in hand
Through a plush hotel lobby.

As we sat, you said say yes now,
What, we have just met, I protest.
I know for sure, it’s destined
Please just don’t ask me how.

Love at first sight,
I laughed out loud,
Happens in Mills and Boon,
As we slipped out at night.

I said yes the very next day
Still fills me with disbelief.
Like a hero of romantic movies
You were charming in so many ways.

Now the mobike is gone,
And we travel side by side,
In a luxury air conditioned car.
To town, to work every morn.

In silence we drive, preoccupied
Hands on lap, hair in place, I see
A couple on a speeding bike,
And think of that first joyride…

by Mamta Agarwal

Comments (11)

ohh dis is lovely! ! u memorized my gone by days....i'll giv 10 for dis.
a trendy joyful ride on the bike, that is a part of our lives when early on in love.and we do miss it so much later in life.i simply loved it.its so very sweet madam.thanks! it goes to my fav list
Ah..sweet memories...and no regrets..make a great marriage..Now may be your son/daughter is (are) carrying on the tradition... Cheers. Subroto
wow a romantic ride on motor bike.....................the beautiful emotions etched in memories.............A Good Write...........
In life, evrything has its unique hold Perfect emotions at every levels Inch by inch we say we grow and Things of the past takes rest at thoughts. Memorable but feeble to practice Time and again! ! What a life...? It's full of wonders. I like the feel in this poem. Very true, very mature. Thank you.
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