A Joyous Grandmother

So thrilling is a new grandson, or granddaughter which e'er it may be
When the ecstasy of new parenthood has dimmed in the memory
A new grandchild means beginning again a two-way love affair
That warms a grandma's loving heart with joy beyond compare! Thanks to Chris, my precious son, and Fran, his lovely wife
This special joy they've given me in the last twelve years of life! First there was Kurt, a beautiful grandson with mama's big brown eyes
Second, brown-haired Kristen, then blond haired Katie, blue-eyed to Dad's surprise.
From his "Yittle Yone-Ranger" days, when Kurt was three
To her "Dorothy in Oz" role by Kristen
We've come a long way, for Katie, now at three, demands when she speaks that we "listen!" Love that they give is better than gold, or red valentines all lacey
They keep me young and light of heart as they romp with their collie called Kasey
My heart is aglow as these little ones I know, put their arms around me so sweetly
I then lift my eyes to the Lord in the skies and whisper, "Thanks, Lord," so discreetly.

by Ada Deaton-Amburgey

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It pushes that family is everything in my mind, and I love that. My aunt was just recently diagnosed with lung cancer, and it will be a hard battle, to think that she might lose it is devastating. This poem is comforting and glorious. Thankyou. sweetest thoughts, love: corrine