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A Judgemental Man

Who am i for to judge another though judge some i will and i can
If in my books they don't seem worthy since i am a judgemental man
They don't go with my way of thinking and on them my views i will express
Though my words they may well go un-noticed i will have my say none the less
And though mine is only one opinion for what happens to the World i care
So many are suffering in war zones in war ravaged Nations elsewhere
The people responsible for their suffering are surely not worthy of praise
Yet many do seem to applaud them and cheer them on in their wrongful ways,
Why should i laud those i see as despots because of them mothers for their dead children weep
They don't feel guilt in death and suffering caused by them to them human life is so cheap
Why should one look up to them as worthy though many their praises do sing
In the Land of the blind the fact remains the one eyed man is always the king,
Many may not like my opinions and few as judgemental as i
My sympathies are with the poor people who in war zones do suffer and die.

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