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A June Day

Though the warbling of the magpies one does often hear
It is cool and wet in south west Victoria in early Winter of the year
The southern June is often chilly in the damp coastal breeze
And many morning though not freezing just above zero degrees
Yet the weather temperature starts rising an hour after break of day
Though the sun is often hidden behind low clouds of gray
A high of thirteen the average high for June it sometimes reaches sixteen
Yet the paddocks by the old town in Winter always look green
Not many leaves left on any deciduous tree
And the magpie larks in the town park are calling pee wee
Their song never does never vary that much from day to day
Dainty black and white mud nesting birds charming in their own way
A June day in south west Victoria with a temperature high of fourteen degrees
With the cool chill of Winter in the freshening breeze.

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