(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Kept Jealous Envy

Those nationalistic traditionalists,
Claiming their fading ideals...
Are becoming too surreal and socialistic,
Can join those attempting to remain...
Politically correct yet not accepting,
That what is in place...
Effectively erasing their beliefs,
Has nothing to do with who has proof...
As to when and where,
Such 'truths' were documented.
To have anyone today craving decadence,
On display and available...
Caring which rules are broken to disobey.
Or which deceiving lies to follow,
Will provide them more benefit...
That others feel with a kept jealous envy.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

What is politically correct, anyway? In my world and experiences within it, being politically correct is not seeking out politics as a career, as that would be smart, and the correct thing to do and would prove to family, friends and community that you won't have to lie, connive and besmirch for a living...and I'm talking both sides of the aisle, including those standing IN the aisle, ...those that lie for and against those sitting on the left and right of them....As per usual, ...another erudite composition from your platinum pen comes forth for serious musing ~FjR~