Trillions, trillions, trillions
How many galaxies can you see
Forever, forever, forever
Stretching out into eternity

Do you wonder at the brilliance
How amazing it does seem to me
To baffle human intelligence
Cosmos reaching out to infinity

What a great gift we've been awarded
A treasure beyond totality
Yet on this rock we sit corrupted
And look to the stars so longingly

Forever, forever, forever
Stretching out into eternity

John Fenton mcleish


by John Fenton Mcleish

Comments (7)

Interesting write....I had to read it till the end.
interesting ending - what works with this poem is - it kept me going to the end wanting to know why and what would happen - sign of a good story teller
Herbert one writes what one feels, I have written many a crime poem over the years because I am am interested in criminology. I liked your poem it flowed well, I love to read a poem where the pen flows to make easy reading and this one did.
Aah, a poem to my liking. It sends chills up and down my spine, you're 10 awaits.
Did you write this from a pure fictional angle or did it realte to an actual happening? ? ?
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