A Kind That Does Not Flaunt

The kind that say what they mean.
Do what they say.
Accountable for their actions.
Reliable and believed.
A new breed.

A kind that does not flaunt,
What they have.
Want to give of themselves.
Smile when feeling bad.
Does not brag of accomplishments,
Performed in the past.
Ready to receive today in a way...
That creates a purpose,
And leave fresh deeds achieved.
Not display betrayed portrayals gone astray.
They are here to do.
Not discuss it with me and/or you.
Here to turn a dusted page.
A new breed has come of age.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (6)

This poem is brilliant - an inspitation to rise to meet the challenges of life and do MORE. I'm going to print this off and put it on the wall of my office: 0)
a brilliant shot.....the first stanza is enough for the beauty of that poem. Equally sensible.......a rare and extincting species.........human being. the breed never ever exist! ! ! ! ! which is seen in books n imagination.... I salute u for your powerful punch........rgrds/salu
the rythm of this poem remind me f d poem 'd second coming' by Eliot (probably) . And so great it is that unlike Eliot, who referred in his poem to the coming of teh Anti Christ, you refer to the coming of a truly new generation.
Hey! Weren't we just discussing that the other day? Well, I was babbling on and on about 'the perfect person' and you were walking on water (LOL) ? A new breed...the perfect breed, perfectly penned, Mr. Lawrence. Signed, Your Poetry Rookie
A new breed rises in every generation, throughout history, all over the world. Sometimes they bring effect profound change, sometimes they are repressed in blood and violence. May this rising generation find new hope. They will need it.
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