AJ (07/06/98 / Lagos state)

A King Lamenting

A king entered in a robe,
Clothed in a raiment of
Multitudous colors:
Vast and enormous is he,
Occupying matters of matters,
Spaces of Spaces.
His presence accomodates no vacuum.
Before him was raident throne,
Swathed in light and graced
With fire of sulphur regalia.
The tenure of his kingdom
Is like a crystal clear and vapour that drops.
Round his throne was many diadem,
Many faces and disverse creatures.
Creatures with flowing wings,
Erections of mysteries in their qualities.
Eyes starved of wanks,
Gentle and fierce like the rages of waves.
Some creatures with six wings:
Two wings on the feet,
Twain on the face,
Couplet for the air.
Some creatures of scary looks,
Four qualities in one being:
An eagle wing, Lion's head,
Ox feet and human face.
Creations within creations.
Creation doubled in creations.
Creation singled in creations.
The throne of this king
Is like the human vehicle,
With many bodies and four wheels:
A precursor of what have been.
The throne made of Four wheels,
Each wheel bore by a creature:
The creatures of six wings.
Before his throne was fury of furnace,
Furnace of Sting pleasing his person.
Furnace pouring out like venom, washing his cloth.
His counsels were seated in humility,
Stern gaze and lovely look.
Graced with beauty and discerning attributes.
Crown of gold dangling on each head,
two in twelve places is their sum.
Their head kissed the crystal
When the king emerge.
And all ills is from their sub, erged.
The king moved closer to his throne:
His cloth glowing like when the sun in her strength shone.
The light emanating from his body,
Veiled diverse qualities he contain:
Wings, Beauty, Fatness and Glory,
Honour, Names and attributes.
Succeedingly he emerged the throne.
And all the creatures made obeissance:
Those whose Gold Crown kissed the crystal,
Those who their wings whispered.
Those who their glory peeped beyond.
Those who the qualities strenghtened.
All admired at the awe of his glory.
Watched I in amazement of the event,
As he cross through fire of fires,
And his garment fuel it in strenght:
'Oh what a mysterious glory':
My glottis was feared.
His seating was of honour,
He alone was on his throne.
None at the right
None at the left:
Only the mysterious creatures of message.
The king had a matter on his mind,
Which is veiled yet to his counsels.
He had emerged to lay the discussion.
And make known his sadness:
Oh! I thought:
One with such authority,
Glory, power, majesty?
Sad? I thought aloud!
The king looked at me
And my breath fled.
Again he looked at me,
And my breath returned.
Then he continued in it
as if nothing had happened.
His counsels had risen,
At the course of my misfortune.
And then he did continue.
The intent of his emergence.
Then was his sadness made known to me,
And served as an everlasting meal.
The king said to his counsels:
His voice like the waves of the sea,
Even her rages in her fury.
Like waters striving with themselves.
Mixed with thunders, like the roar of a bewitched Lion.
A cry of a mixture of the tercets mixed with a mountain
Giving a bang in the sea.
His words are these:
"Oh.... Come bear me witness,
Thou the creations of my fingers.
Let the soles be responsible for the each word,
And souls be accountable to this voice.
Cherubims and Ophanims coupled with Sheraphims,
Should bear a witness of this.
Let the tercet quantrains in their couplet
Reason with I in this matter.
In this that give me but sadness.
In this that gives me no joy.
In this that my creations has wrought.
Those creature who have their shelter
under the many waters i tread.
Those who i made my perpetual convenant with.
They have eaten with the cast-off,
They've eaten ignorantly from his bowl.
And now can not eat with me anymore.
They've corrupted themselves and know not of me anymore.
They proclaim to know me
But calls me by other name.
But i listen to their cry
By the faith of their heart,
I remembered my perpetual covenant with their father,
And will not renounce it.
They know me no longer,
They've eaten my name with the meal,
Served to them by the cast off,
And have passed out the name.
And strived to remember it, but they couldn't.
Yes, my name they've forgotten:
My real Identity that points directly into my eyes.
Now, they've forgotten my name.
And resolved calling me diverse name,
Because they take delight yet in my convenant:
For it's beauty have I made known to them.
They calls me Titles instead of my name.
Some say God, Chukwu, Tao in their dialects,
But have forgotten the root of my name:
The name that thrives through generations.
The name whose implication
reminds me of my eternal reign:
Even, 'I AM THAT I AM,
Which is it's name.
The cast-off has bewitched them,
And made league with them.
That even those who i want,
Know not and bothers not of my name.
None of them will ask,
And i will not tell.
Yes, My words do i rever!
By my name will the cherub
appoint each in his home here.
He that know not of my name.
Will be weighed by his shame.'
Oh will my Joy be restored?
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by Adeyemi Joshua

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