A King Of Flatterers

Feel what I feel,
Do what I do,
Say what I say,
Mortgage your heart, your mind
And even your tongue
To me,
And you will be called a king,
A great king of flattrers.

by Mohammad Akmal Nazir

Comments (2)

A picture can say a thousand words, and a poem with few words can mean much the same The few words in this poem can move people in the smallest and biggest ways but others don't even feel a nudge but they say that those who feel nothing know nothing and are blocked from their true fears and their own life I REALLY ENJOYED THIS POEM NICE JOB! -WADE BLADE-
 From: Buxton Shippy (WinchendonUnited States; Male; 56)  To: Mohd. Akmal Nazir  Date Time: 6/14/2011 8: 07: 00 AM (GMT-6: 00)  Subject: A King Of Flatterers 'A King Of Flatterers' speaks in a contemporary way about rulers and their subjects. The poet sarcastically addresses theimpulse of the governed to please their masters even when it is to their demise. It is a skillfully written imbued with meaning line by line. I will vote it 10 out of 10.