A King's Call To Mercy

My Love! My Direction!
Call my name, gently,
As the breeze kisses the trees,
And I will flow softly,
Tickling the stones
To find your fingertips.

My Love! My Solace!
As the stillness
Of the pinnacle of forever
I will in the evolution
Of two hearts, meld my
Heart to your peace.

My Love! My Antiquity!
As I have always loved you
From within my soul,
My spirit has cried for you,
Has forever begged for your caress,
Hungered for your soft word.

My Love! My Heart!
You beat within my chest,
The rhythm of the deepest stirring,
A steady toll of passion,
Like a rolling thunder
I shout to be heard.

My Love! My Only!
You are absolute,
The pure part of all
That is best in me.
Your kiss makes me a King,
Your casting away creates a pauper.

Take me as I am...
Hold to what I shall become...
Never forget who I was...

My Love! My Beauty!
The light in your eyes
Radiates from me,
I absorb all that is right
Within you, shine your light
When you feel dark and unworthy.

My Love! My Queen!
Hold my hand and
Feed me with your gaze,
Bind me in your kiss,
Forge me in strength anew
Follow me to the better lands.

All is not lost,
Our love is the shine of jewels,
Showing the perfect universe
From the fallacies of din,
For I would to be yours
As you are mine.

My Love! My Friend!
I stood beside you in the Beginning,
I am the breeze on your neck,
I am the sugar on your lips.
I hold you close today,
And war to lift you tomorrow.

My Love! My Love!
I am your prize, claim me!
I am your heart, touch me!
I am your consort, seduce me,
Into a sea, an endless ocean
Of the love no other can match.

by Tsani Jones

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Now that is what I call, telling her Tsani! Wow, a greatly empassioned poem of every thing that love brings to the tormented soul of the lost. I am so glad you found eachother. 10 from always answering the call! Tai