The Camel

The camel has a single hump;
The dromedary , two;
Or else the other way around.
I'm never sure. Are you?

by Ogden Nash

Comments (15)

'....the universe so vast in space; becomes a very tiny place...' I love this line, it's the uniqueness and the power of perfect love entwined in a kiss!
'Sweetness is on your lips like honey flavoured early morning dew' Rachel Ann Butler
David I have read many pove poems in my time, and I too write of love, but truly this is inspired work. Many tens, and please go on producing from your heart. Greetings from Fay Slimm, Cornwall U.K.
just one loving kiss, , , we long for, , , here is a very good poem penned with consistent metaphor and passion
Woww..that is truly beautiful...wonderful! ! ! -so romantic(sigh)
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