A World Without Women

(written in celebration of women's day......)

No one to reassure your fears
No one to wipe your tears
No one to encourage you on
No one to brighten your morn

No smile to make your heart sing
No glance to makes you feel a king
No gentility, no grace, no glance that is coy
No compliments, to make you feel like a boy

No woman's touches
That make a home of your house
No laughing no joking
Or playing cat and mouse

A world without women
Means no children too
Only men and more men
Which will soon
dwindle to a few

No one to harass to tease
Or violate
Only men to fight with
dominate and subjugate

And when fighting with equals
Your victory in doubt
You'll soon be vanquished
And maybe thrown out

The strength of a woman
Dedication to her own
Her sixth sense, her nurture
The source unknown

A creation so special
An essence that is divine
Oh woman you're special
Made for me! You are mine

Whether mother or sister
or girlfriend or wife,
You are what makes it special
This existence called Life

I thank God for your presence
For your companionship and love
I bow to your superiority
While He is smiling from above

by Arti Chopra

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