A (04.02.1988 / Kerala)

A Kiss In The Rain

We step out of the room and into the balcony
We can hear the dew drops softly
It’s such a magical time, like sunset eve
We’re caught in its drops, and we move further

He moves close, with his hands on my waist
I take it slow, no rush
The rain slowly falls and the moon shines
I slides my arms around his waist

The rain picks up heavily and it wets our hair
But eyes are focused, no cares
He whisper in my ear, “I love you'
“You will always be smiling, you have no use for tears”
“I will love you forever, may it always be true”

I smiles at him, with joy and bliss
His lips meet mine, and in the rain we kiss
The rain itself, playing around us
As my sweetheart kisses me without a sound

The rain showers through the air and he hold me tight
It’s like the heaven joy cries, such a beautiful one
My tongue touches his and its fabulous
A kiss in the rain sets our emotions free

He pulls my lower lip and it tastes juicy
My whole body tingles, I’ve lost control
As the rain falls down I just can’t believe
That I need him to move, think, &breathe

He took a step back and he look in my eyes
I told him that i loves him most and see his heart just flies in joy
Many things in this world can wash away pain
But none of them compare, to kiss in the rain

If you believe perfection simply isn’t real
Kiss your love in the rain, and I promise you’ll feel
With Love,

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Hearing the dew drops softly slowly falling rain, shining moon I slides my arms around his waist kissing in the rain whisper in my ear, “I love you' kisses me without a sound My tongue touches his.. Beautiful romantic expressions....... very cleary written in simple words