A Kiss May Mean Anything

Poem By samuel nze

One must not take love wrongly
A kiss may mean anything
Emotion gets physical in different ways
If planted on the head
Think of me always
Is a likely import for a kiss
Planted on the cheeks it calls
For fraternity even in strain
On the back of the hand
What other meaning than adoration
For the one beloved
Or on the feet unreserved worship indeed
It is only when a man
Kisses his wife full on the lips
That romance is exclusively expressed
They lock in passionate embrace
Tumbling to the floor
In throes of devouring passion
Making bashful sounds they will disdain
In the somberness of morning
It is not so I feel for my best friend
With him every touch
Is only a call to truer fraternity
That one heart may sincerely love the other
As unto itself.

Comments about A Kiss May Mean Anything

You speak as if you are not saying anything yet you're saying a lot of things. Good job!
You speak as if you are not saying anything yet you're saying a lot of things
dear janice i do write these things. and i am still waiting for the help you would give me!
Well observed and beautifully written Samuel Chrissie
Did you REALLY write these? ? ? ? ? They are outstandingly good.

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