A Kiss Stained Forehead

She watches from her window,
She can’t stand it now, she cries,
A kiss stained on her forehead,
She’s always hated the goodbyes.

She knows that once they loved her,
She knows they still do now,
She knows they have to leave her,
But she just can’t work out how.

Her eyes are filled with tear drops,
Her skin has lost it’s glow,
She doesn’t want to say goodbye,
As her sister did years ago.

She’s getting really lonely now,
As she sits alone in bed,
That it would be the right thing,
That’s what they thought and said.

Her parents were told to leave her,
That it would be the right thing,
“Your daughter needs her peace now”
“Your daughter needs her rest.”

She’s growing even weaker,
She cries a sea of tears,
She hasn’t come to terms yet,
After so long, so many years.

Her eyes are getting heavy now,
Her pulse is getting weak,
A kiss stained pale forehead,
Looks only sad and bleak.

A tear runs down her cheek now,
She takes a single last breath,
With still a kiss stained forehead,
A painless, peaceful death?

by Lottie Hammond

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excellent stuff here brought a tear to my eye when i read this one.... nice style of work