SS (24 12 43 / woolwich london)


Poised and groomed for screening.
And picked as those correct to select.
Suited for electing...
With an image held as the best.

Reflecting a 'middle-of-the-roadness'
With proper etiquette.
Making harmless decisions...
And giving folks what they expect.

Nominated as water walkers,
Squeeky clean and free of sin.
If they do live in darkness...
They may sneak a sip of vodka,
Or may not pop shots...
Of lemon twisted gin!

It's difficult not to show imperfections,
From admiring spying eyes.
Microscoping with a closeness,
To see after dissecting...
Which one would represent,
To prove emaculate they have lived their lives.

While those prepared to choose...
Booze, cheat and deceive.
But wish to pick someone less wicked.
And one who is capable...
To disguise a life,
All can come to agree...
Can win the top prize.
And at least will make attempts,
To walk on their polluted waters!

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Comments (7)

LOL....This one is a hoot Sylvia...I love it..but not the fly! ! Hugs, dee
It's certainly horrible when you see them alight on your meat, or dessert. Yucks! I go ballistic trying to capture them. Great energetic poem. Love Ernestine XXX
Then I will have to go hungry for a while Put away the spray, let the fly live another day Great fun here Love Duncan X
A really entertaining read and well-put-together - and inspired subject matter! Poetry about the little things.... grand.
A very funny poem, i like the way you portray everyday images in your work. Very original, very funny. You get top marks from me Sincerely Nickie x x
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