A Knife Behind Me.

A knife behind me
With a cover of smile
Makes me aware
How strong am I?
Whispering sounds
Dancing around
Make me aware
How able am I?
The environment behind
Often pokes at, that present in front
May be not to pass a way
May be to make me aware that
The while of time never stops
Neither stopped before me
Nor can be stopped
Even after me.


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The feeling of having a knife behind can make us really strong to face all that can come........ a warning and also to get ready to face.... thank you for this poem dear poetess. tony
To watch your steps in life. Thanks for sharing.
A thoughtful poem, whether irrespective of a knife, whisper or environment, they all alert you about the stumbling side of the life's path so that mentally you get strong enough to move forward boldly and convincingly.
A good poem indeed. Artfully penned with depth of insight. Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful poem Tadasha. There is often knife behind us to make us alert and stronger ever. Time will keep on moving nor we can stop it. I loved it.
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