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A Knight O' Farewell!
GW (June 11 1962/ / London Ontario Canada)

A Knight O' Farewell!

Unto this day th're shalt be non
Nor one 'hom hath be as close
To the role that yee hath fill'd
Silent the Lark hath kep' in voice
Reminiscent to thy beat o' thine drum
An' to the sound of th' distant will'd

Unto this day th're shalt be non
Childing of thine richest of heart
Ev'r placing of the words an' deed'
Endless thine nights did fall
Ev'r flow did thy write of quill
Givin' touch unto an awaitin' stage

Hence this day forth yee shalt remain......
Hence this day forth mine brother again.......

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Comments (6)

Geoff, I'd forgotten how much reading your works transports me back into the days that I would've been a fair maiden (or a damsel in distress!) . An interesting read... I hope this isn't your farewell to PH! HG: -) xx
Great write Sir Geoff of the written word! God bless all poets-MJG.
Some really interesting veiws here Geoff, take care, all the best Love duncan X
I love this style and you do it so well Geoff.......................Diane
You do Olde Englishe with panache - and that's a hard thing to carry off. t x
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