** A Knightly Warrior *** -In Top 500 Poems

He sees,
Tonight, a vitreous calm sea
Tourmaline foams kiss
Waves lap furtively
Those torpid shores
Tide is sibylline
A beaming moon
Shines in private
Signals love to her.

She’s lonely
Hears nothing
Sees nothing
Lost and tired
Desolate and forlon
Confused and dejected
What should she do?
Await Florentine results
Or wait for Virginia’s wines
Cross the Thames
Or cross the orient’s ocean

Ah! ! ! ! Is this love?
Tell her Lord
Or is it just object d’art
Don’t lie
Is it a gimcrack prank
Like in a land of dreams
She’s swept
With confused alarms
Of pain and stress
Of miserly and darkness of night
That animal love
In a zoo of monkeys
And kangaroos and
Rabbits and dolphins
And ofcourse with
Mosquitos galore
Just waiting to sip
her purpled blood
How far will it be gone
It’s a melancholy
Long and distant north sea.

Like naked shingles-his words
Beaming in the moonlight
For he took his vulpine dagger in hand
Swirling, blood spattering
A warrior in true fashion
Like a knight of the round tables
Anoints her head, a talisman
A piece de resistance, he said
So that his beams confine
In compliments to hers


(This is from a story that I read - a true story of a warrior and a country belle. The girl was in love with a prince whose family did not approve of her- until she meets a warrior-who in true warrior fashion woos her-now shes confused for shes given so much of her life to that prince and she does not know how much more to wait) .

Enjoy yourselves dear friends from poemhunter-its storytelling time


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Right...if in top of 500 poems....
Excellent expression...
Some excellent imagery and some outstanding expressions. May I invite you to take a look at my own humble offerings pls?
This is outstanding.
i loved this poem so so much.i was attracted by the title.thanks for this poem best friend,10+++++
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