A Krishna Bhajan By Surdas (Translation)

Poem By Sunil Uniyal

Original-Hindi Brajabhasha (by Surdas) ~

jo sukh hot Gopaalahin gaaye
so nahin hot kiye jap tap ke kotik teerath nhaaye
diye let nahin chaari padaarath, charan kamal chit laaye
teeni lok trin sam kari lekhat, nand-nandan ur aaye
banseebat brindaaban jamunaa, taji baikunth ko jaaye
soordaas hari ko sumiran kari, bahuri na bhav chali aaye.

Translation (by Sunil Uniyal) :

The bliss one gets singing Gopal's glory doesn't come
through fasts or meditation or bathing in sacred water.

The devotee doesn't need the four purusharthas,
once to His lotus feet he surrenders himself.

The splendour of the three worlds seems a straw,
when he enters the heart of Nanda's son.

He doesn't want to give up Brindavan on the Yamuna
for any residence even in the Heaven.

Surdas says that to Hari who truly prays,
won't come back to this world again.

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