Being alone is not just a word
Being the one that just can’t be heard
Is an elevation of loneliness inside
That makes a person’s outlook almost impossible to find
Being alone is not a principle act
Being alone is a factual fact
Being alone has an intense feel
That can’t be ignored since it is real
Being alone is a colossal mistake
Being alone just can’t be faked
Being alone is an emotionless sense
By which makes a person feel expressively dense
Being alone is living in a single solitary side
That makes this person want to always be secrete and hide.

by Marria Attar

Comments (4)

wow, briliant poem girl, well done, i really liked it, i too wrote one on 'alone ' so i can relate to what you wrote, good one, lots of soul: 0)
waa such a powerful lines from the lips of a small poet.............great going....emotions poured in your lines...sebastine 10+++++=.....................
Being alone with our own soul is an interesting experience, to interacting with our own soul, Good Work Thanks for sharing,
This poem is really true, you have awesome talent. I never though about the word alone like this until I read this and actually Pictured everything. keep writing my regards Joey