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A Lady In Waiting

A lady in waiting that is what I am, for waiting I must do to see my man.
I must wait while my man risks his life for the country he loves so much.
I do not know if he will return whole, I do not know if he will return at all.

At night I light my protection candle for him and I pray that he returns.
Will he come back to me the same, or as a changed man?
How long must I wait to hold him again, a few months or for eternity?

The sun rises again as I blow out the candle.
I hope it is not a sign that his life is as gone as the flame.
Tears begin to pour, but a lady in waiting must not show emotion.

I will be strong for him.
I will wait for his return.
I will not despair.

The days and the months go by.
A letter comes and a letter goes.
How much longer must I be a lady in waiting?

The day passes and the night returns.
I light my candle and say my prayer.
I stare at the flame, sleep will not come.

A letter comes for me.
It is a message of death my heart tells me.
I open it and fall to the floor, heart wrenching screams fill the air.

A lady in waiting am I.
A lady in waiting I will always be.
My heart died the day my love died.

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Emotion drips from the poem I thought such feelings were lost for ever Nice to see you and your poem love maria