A Lady Of Poetic Reason

Poem By William Lindenmuth

Her words were soft like a summer breeze
Her thoughts as gentle as the wind
Printed or spoken to put the mind at ease
Emoting deep feelings from within
With love as her quest she sojourns through her rhyme
Telling wondrous tales passionately placed in time
As you read her thoughts on the printed page
The wisdom of lost love
Gentle passionate rage
You feel all the hurt
You bask in the warmth of her smile
She invites the curious hearted to stay for awhile
Caught up in the rapture of loves soft melody
You let yourself go easy and drift most gracefully
Easing through the fires of loves raging embrace
She dances with your inner soul
To a warm and caring place
With sweet poetic reason
She will slowly reel you in
With a smile warmed by the season
For true love to begin
There is no fear of leaving
True loving hearts they will stay
The lady of poetic reason
Her true love will show the way

Comments about A Lady Of Poetic Reason

This is a pretty poem, lovely thoughts throughout, I want to invite you to read my 'Last Rung On Your Ladder', page 5. Adeline
Such nice flowing words introducing a gentle writer. Lovely words to inspire..(smile)
Lovely, sad and full of emotion... a tapestry of tenderness and fragility...I am taken into your realm with an excitement knowing I'll never be disappointed and I was not. “ A lady of Poetic Reason “ does it again – a Master giving his best brings tears to my eyes.....Cindy

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