Do Not Think I Love You Less

Do not think I love you less,
If I do not often say "I love you",
Do you, only when I kiss or caress,
Feel my love, deep and true?

In your sufferings, I suffer with you,
With every smile you smile,
All my blues are shoo,
Though I have said it just once in a while,
You know you are worthwhile.

When heart knows heart,
And the lives are intertwined,
Then love is not an art,
But a knot that two souls bind.

Love lies in care and concern,
Not in praises a million,
What more do I wish in return,
Save your heart's secure haven?

When I look in your eyes deeply,
And for your well being I pray,
I express my love more clearly,
Than numerous words to say.

by Shashi Mehta

Comments (12)

good poem! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
My my how time changes the thinking.....
big mistake? mirrors only bring heartache
Time...... Tick tick tick it does not wait for you or I, or even the lady Miranda.!
To my gal friend.....superb....
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