A Lake And Its Magic Grace

I open my eyes this morning,
In front of me a marvelous landscape open up,
I am so amazed and happy,
And so astonished i become and contemplate.

A lake enriched with white water lilies,
Is developing to my eyes delight,
Its blue peaceful water vibrates,
When a white swan is touching it with grace.

Sun is rising up and warm this greatness,
When its beams are caressing the lake in shinning lights,
All it's coming to life and i can feel the joy,
Of the nature around that makes me smile.

A butterfly is flying to the water lilies,
And stopped for a few moments to enjoy their great perfume,
A fish is jumping restless for a breathe of air,
The birds are happily singing and fly to deep blue sky.

Nature shared with me all its greatness,
And i am humble pleased for what i seen,
I am happy to be the pasionate admirer,
Of this lake and its magic grace.

by Cristina Teodor

Comments (4)

do u knw what i like about you and your poem. Romanctic ticks. There is ntin i like more of a poet than being romantic. And that is what i see in you. Please keep it up. Believe me you will be highly appreciated by thore who sincerely love poetry this way.
Oh, I saw the beauty of nature that you did.. What a celestial bliss for my eyes... You could paint the picture of that beauteous nature o'er my heart canvas... Top marks for you! ! ! ! !
a beautiful ode to the majesty and beauty of nature... charming nostalgic lines....well done cheers
really a nature have its own gracè.here writer has depicted scene at lake very beautifully.nature is best known for its beaty