(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)

A Lake, Mountains, And Three Volcanoes

Beauty be a setting such
In this perfection hearts draw much
To places of depth where a soul longs to
Find itself not mere
In things which are seen right here

A lake that stretches
Life to flow
Waters living
A companion to our needs reaches
Searches the cavities of depths to all unknown
Bringing to places of peace
A fateful fulfillment of all beseeches

Those mountains of might proclaiming in spite
Of all assaults of vain dark workings
Glorious strength surrounded in height
On all sides kept, we are safely in beauty

Volcanic fortifications proudly stand thrice
Along the sides of the lake on the sights of the mount
By the current of heat fusion the feat
A liquid fire constantly pushing on higher
A desire for deep to meet with deep.
From heights of fire to depths of desire
Volcanic flow destroys the dice
Of a life lived to the apparent rolling
Of fate’s fatal heap


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The writing is superb but the clarity of meaning is simply not there. GW62