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A Lament For Mr. Alexander
('90 / America)

A Lament For Mr. Alexander

Oh my master, my master,
My inspiration, who, when I was afraid
Urged me gently on to find a dream –
To weave a world –
And now it seems
That you shall never even know my name.

Oh my teacher, my light,
My wayfinder, who led me into night
And showed me the sun.
Oh my master!
You set me on my way
The distance I have come - I owe to you.
My master, who never knew you had an apprentice.

I wrapped your words about me
I pondered, and I cherished.
I learned from you and admired
And wished beyond every hope
That one day – maybe – you and I
Could shake hands, say “Hello”
And sit and talk about our words.

But oh! My beloved master!
You have gone, and I –
I remain in misery, comforted only
By the lights you lit and left
For me, though you
Never even knew my name.

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