A Lament For Poems Not Written

but a brief lament
a lament for poems
lost never written

this brief poem
is but a lament
for all recent poems

poems I lost
choice never written
no effort made

poems dreamt free
I was drift waking
from sleep remembering

at this time sparkling
but not feeling fine
but choice not writing

due to lack of time
due to lack of finances
due to frustrations abundant

beautiful spectral poems
better than displayed these
better than residue posting

thus so often my best
are unwritten lade to rest
never to grace poetic pages

by Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

Comments (3)

Thanks Kim, I first considered the implications of laid, but this laid implies finished; I felt lade has the implications of to burden or oppress, the oppressive burden of not writing for compulsive poets :)
Thanks for the comment Kim, I originally considered laid; but lade to me implies the burden oppression, the weight of not writing, an oppression burden for compulsive poets :)
Beautiful sentiments felt, I'm sure, by all poets at one time or another. I would change LADE to LAID. Keep writing. Let more of those poems escape!